Tax Credits and Benefits

When you file your tax return, you and your family could get money back by claiming a number of Ontario tax credits and benefits.

Below you'll find out more about some of these credits. Or see the full list of credits and benefits available here.

Tax Credit Calculator: Are You Getting Money Back?

For You and Your Family

If you have children, you can claim up to $535 in eligible expenses for activities, like painting classes, hockey, soccer and music lessons. See if you qualify.

Your family could get back up to $109.16 per child, per month or $1,310 per year for children under 18.

For Household Expenses

The Ontario Trillium Benefit combines the payments of three tax credits into one payment.

View the benefit payment dates.

If you pay rent or property tax, you can get up to $973 to help with the sales tax on energy costs and property taxes. Seniors could get up to $1,108.

If you live in the North, you can get up to $141 for single people and $216 for families to help with higher home heating costs.

More Tax Credits Available

The full list of tax credits and benefits that can help you and your family lower the tax you pay or get money back.

Tax credits that can help your business lower costs, hire/train workers and compete in the marketplace.

Income Tax 101

Where can I get a tax return?

It's easy to file a return with tax software bought online or from a store.

You can get tax forms at postal outlets, Service Canada offices, by calling 1 800 959-8281 or you can download them from the CRA website.

To file online you need your social insurance number (SIN) and date of birth.

Where can I get more information about filing a personal income tax return?

Visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website to view information about how to get, complete, and send in your tax return, including payments, refunds and more.

If you earned less than $25,000 last year there are many free CRA-approved tax software programs you can use.

How do I apply for direct deposit of my benefit payments?

Asking for direct deposit means you will receive your money on time in your account at a Canadian financial institution. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for details on how to apply for direct deposit.

Where can I get help with my personal income tax return?

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) helps eligible individuals who are not able to complete their income tax and benefit returns by themselves. For more information visit

How long should I keep my tax records?

Keep your receipts and documents for six years in case you are selected for review.

Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for tips on keeping records.

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