: About The Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance performs a variety of roles, all focused on supporting a strong economic, fiscal and investment climate for Ontario, while ensuring accountability with respect to the use of public funds.


As a central agency within the government, the ministry:

  • provides key fiscal, taxation and economic policy advice and support to the Minister of Finance, Cabinet and the Premier
  • reports on the province's economic and fiscal plans and results to the public
  • prepares the provincial Budget and a mid-year fiscal and economic update (Fall Economic Statement)
  • promotes the principles of modern controllership within the Ontario Public Service and accountability for the use of public funds in all Ontario public sector institutions, including universities, hospitals and school boards
  • administers most of the province's major tax statutes as well as a number of tax credit, incentive and benefit programs
  • promotes the integrity of the province's self-assessing tax system by encouraging compliance through taxpayer education and customer service, while discouraging non-compliance through enforcement activities.

Improved Services

At the Ministry of Finance we continuously address the changing needs of Ontario's tax clients and have made it simpler for Ontario businesses to comply with their tax obligations. Businesses will now find themselves more connected and dealing with less paper.

Some of our improvements include:

  • one toll-free number 1 866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297)
  • one business number
  • new Internet services – ONT-TAXS online – providing self-serve options, and
  • system improvements to provide you with convenient one-window service delivery.

Our Organization

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Ministry of Finance

  • Peter Bethlenfalvy,
    Minister of Finance
  • Kaleed Rasheed,
    Associate Minister of Digital Government,
    Ministry of Finance
  • Will Bouma,
    Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance
  • Michael Parsa,
    Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance
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