Cabinet Office - Summary

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The Cabinet Office is the central agency which supports the Premier, Cabinet and its committees in their efforts to set the broad direction and priorities of the Government, and in the determination of its legislative program. It co-ordinates the government's policy initiatives and provides support to the Premier and Cabinet on Order-in-Council appointments, Premier's Correspondence, Freedom of Information requests and other administrative issues. The primary clients served by the Office are the Premier, Cabinet and other central agencies and line ministries; however, some functions (such as Orders-in-Council, Freedom of Information and Premier's Correspondence) have direct contact with the public.

The Cabinet Office also provides administrative/operational support to the Office of the Premier and for other organizational units not directly attached to ministries, such as the Office of the Government House Leader.

CABINET OFFICE - Operating Summary

2002-03 Estimates PROGRAMS Change from 2001-02 2001-02 Estimates 2000-01 Actual
$   $ $ $
17,252,000 Cabinet Office Program (313,700) 17,565,700 16,305,571
17,252,000 Ministry Total Operating (313,700) 17,565,700 16,305,571
5,796,700 Less: Special Warrants 5,796,700 - -
11,455,300 TOTAL OPERATING TO BE VOTED (6,110,400) 17,565,700 16,305,571
17,252,000 Expenditure (313,700) 17,565,700 16,305,571


DETAILS 2001-02 Estimates 2000-01 Actual
1. Previously Published Data    
1.1 2001-02 Printed Estimates 17,565,700  
1.2 2000-01 Public Accounts   18,250,268
2. Government Reorganization    
2.1 Transfer of functions from other Ministries   (1,944,697)
  17,565,700 16,305,571