Ministry of Finance - Vote 746

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The Expenditure Estimates are available in PDF and HTML versions. The PDF version is a format reflecting the true printed version. The HTML version is an accessible format.

TREASURY PROGRAM - VOTE Statutory Appropriations

This program is responsible for the development, direction, operation and formulation of policies for the management of the Province's cash, investment, debt, finance, credit rating, investor relations, banking and related financial administration activities; reporting of the financial position of the Province to investors and the public to facilitate borrowing activities; liaising with Crown Corporations and agencies regarding financing activities including the provision of guarantees by Ontario of loans to its Crown Corporations and agencies; and acting as the custodian and fiscal agent for the securities of the Province and certain of its agencies including Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation (OEFC). It is also responsible for the operation of the Province of Ontario Savings Office, a deposit taking institution, and for the issuance of Ontario Savings Bonds.

TREASURY PROGRAM - Operating Summary

VOTE and item 2002-03 Estimates PROGRAM AND ACTIVITIES Change from 2001-02 2001-02 Estimates 2000-01 Actual
  $   $ $ $
S 9,156,000,000 Interest on Debt for Provincial Purposes (162,000,000) 9,318,000,000 9,400,999,339
  9,156,000,000 Total Operating (162,000,000) 9,318,000,000 9,400,999,339
S 16,300,000 Stadium Corporation of Ontario Limited, the Financial Administration Act 7,200,000 9,100,000 678,875
  16,300,000 Total Capital 7,200,000 9,100,000 678,875

TREASURY PROGRAM - Standard Accounts Classification

Statutory Appropriations $ $
Interest on Debt for Provincial Purposes    
Interest on Ontario Securities    
For general purposes 5,576,105,000  
Canada Pension Plan Investment Fund 855,492,000  
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan 1,298,427,000  
Public Service Pension Plan 393,181,000  
Ontario Public Service Employees Union Pension Plan 186,782,000  
Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Fund 47,845,000  
Ontario Housing Corporation 102,149,000  
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 19,764,000  
Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology 7,028,000  
Ryerson Retirement Pension Plan 757,000  
Interest on Province of Ontario Savings Office deposits   99,970,000
Other interest, exchange, discount and commission   178,600,000
Less: Interest on Investments   134,100,000
Interest on Debt Payable to Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation   524,000,000
Total Operating for Treasury Program   9,156,000,000
Statutory Appropriations    
Stadium Corporation of Ontario Limited, the Financial Administration Act    
Acquisition/Construction of physical assets   16,300,000
Stadium Corporation of Ontario Limited, the Financial Administration Act   16,300,000
Total Capital for Treasury Program   16,300,000