Ministry of Labour - Summary

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The mission of the Ministry of Labour is to contribute to the prosperity of Ontario by advancing health, safety, fairness and productive relationships in the workplace and the broader community. The Ministry's core businesses are: Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Rights and Responsibilities and Labour Relations. In this context, the Ministry provides advice and information to the government on labour and workplace issues; sets standards and develops policies; enforces standards and legislation; carries out investigations; inspects workplaces needing further help in developing self-reliance; works with others to ensure that effective mechanisms are in place for providing information and workplace training; informs employers and workers about their workplace rights and responsibilities; ensures the provision of assistance in negotiating collective agreements and establishing arbitration boards; assists in building cooperative workplace relationships; and administers, interprets, and applies relevant labour legislation.

MINISTRY OF LABOUR - Operating Summary

2002-03 Estimates PROGRAM AND ACTIVITIES Change from 2001-02 2001-02 Estimates 2000-01 Actual
$   $ $ $
19,787,040 Ministry Administration Program 1,179,588 18,607,452 16,694,559
4,198,100 Pay Equity Commission Program 312,400 3,885,700 3,641,628
21,164,500 Labour Relations Program (98,400) 21,262,900 20,554,329
50,743,800 Occupational Health and Safety Program 164,000 50,579,800 47,376,624
22,710,700 Employment Rights and Responsibilities Program (1,053,800) 23,764,500 20,373,204
183,000 Economics and Business Cluster Information Technology Program 182,000 1,000 -
118,787,140 Ministry Total Operating 685,788 118,101,352 108,640,344
68,490,800 Less: Special Warrants 68,490,800 - -
46,840 Less: Statutory Appropriations 2,688 44,152 44,062
50,249,500 TOTAL OPERATING TO BE VOTED (67,807,700) 118,057,200 108,596,282
118,787,140 Expenditure 685,788 118,101,352 108,640,344