Explanatory notes



NOTE: Expenditure is forecast for the fiscal year 2002-03 under eight Standard Accounts at the activity level. The descriptions of the contents of the Standard Accounts given below are intended to serve as brief outlines only and should not be considered all inclusive.

Salaries and Wages
Includes salaries and wages, overtime and other remuneration paid to regular, probationary, unclassified and other staff; temporary help costs; indemnities and allowances paid to Members of the Legislative Assembly; and special allowances paid to employees.

Employee Benefits
Includes the government's contribution as an employer to the Canada Pension Plan; the Ontario Public Service Employees' Union Pension Plan; the Public Service Pension Plan; Employment Insurance; the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board; and other employee benefit plans.

Transportation and Communication
Includes travelling expenses of employees on government business and recipients of government services, such as wards of the province; relocation expenses of employees who transferred or recruited; expenses of moving office furniture and equipment; costs of transportation of goods other than for initial delivery; mailing costs, such as postage and registration; and communication costs, such a telephone and data communications.

Includes information services, such as, advertising and communication services provided by professional agencies and advertising placed directly with the media; rental and purchased repair and maintenance of machinery, equipment, buildings, land and engineering structures; data processing services; insurance premiums; and other professional and special services.

Supplies and Equipment
Includes provision for the purchase of all machinery and equipment including motor vehicles and computers, both new and used; and the purchase of all materials, supplies and utilities.

Acquisition/Construction of Physical Assets
Includes all costs of acquisition and construction by contract of new and used buildings and engineering structures; and the cost of acquisition of land.

Transfer Payments
Includes grants, subsidies, assistance to persons; the business sector; non-commercial institutions; and other government bodies.

Other Transactions
Includes special transactions, such as interest incentives and subsidies; guarantees honoured; losses on loans; and repayable grants.

Note on Statutory Appropriations and Loans and Investments
Statutory Appropriations and Loans and Investments are not Standard Accounts. Amounts required for Statutory Appropriations and Loans and Investments are shown, where applicable, as separate entries under the Standard Accounts Classification details relating to each Activity.

Note on Cost-Recovery Activities
In cases where the anticipated recovery of costs of an activity is equal to or greater than the expenditures, the balance of the activity is shown at the nominal value of $1,000. Recoveries in excess of expenditures, where these occur, will be added to general revenue.

Note on Special Warrants
Special Warrants are issued to authorize payments for the purpose of general and necessary government expenditures when the Legislature is not in session. The amounts provided by Special Warrants in the 2002-03 fiscal year were deducted from the total for each program to determine the amount to be voted.