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The Office of the Legislative Assembly, established by the Province of Ontario under the Legislative Assembly Act of Ontario on December 20, 1974, exists to provide procedural, financial and operational support for all Members of Provincial Parliament in the House, Committees and constituency offices.

The Office also includes the Environmental Commissioner who administers the Environmental Bill of Rights; the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario who oversees Ontario's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and the Office of the Integrity Commissioner who administers the Members' Integrity Act and the Lobbyists Registration Act.

All funds are paid out of the Legislative Assembly Fund, which is separate and independent of the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

OFFICE OF THE ASSEMBLY - Operating Summary

2002-03 Estimates PROGRAMS Change from 2001-02 2001-02 Estimates 2000-01Actual
$   $ $ $
99,378,000 Office of the Assembly Program 9,928,300 89,449,700 85,423,958
10,515,200 Commission(er)'s Program 579,800 9,935,400 9,035,177
109,893,200 Total Operating 10,508,100 99,385,100 94,459,135
27,500,000 Less: Special Warrants 27,500,000 - -
82,393,200 < TOTAL OPERATING TO BE VOTED (16,991,900) 99,385,100 94,459,135
109,893,200 Expenditure 10,508,100 99,385,100 94,459,135