Cabinet Office - Summary

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The Cabinet Office is the central agency which supports the Premier, Cabinet and its Committees in their efforts to set the broad directions and priorities of the Government, and in the determination of its legislative program. It co-ordinates the government’s policy initiatives and provides support to the Premier and Cabinet on Order-in-Council appointments, Premier’s Correspondence, Freedom of Information requests and other administrative issues. The primary clients served by the Office are the Premier, Cabinet and other central agencies and line ministries; however, some functions (such as Orders-in-Council, Freedom of Information and Premier’s Correspondence) have direct contact with the public.

The Cabinet Office also provides administrative/operational support to the Office of the Premier and for other organizational units notdirectly attached to ministries, such as the Office of the Government House Leader.

CABINET OFFICE - Operating Summary

Accrual 2003-04 Estimates PROGRAMS Cash 2002-03 Estimates Cash 2001-02 Actual
$   $ $
15,822,800 Cabinet Office Program1 17,252,000 15,511,319
15,822,800 Ministry Total Operating 17,252,000 15,511,319
12,022,300 Less: Special Warrants 5,796,700 -
3,800,500 < TOTAL OPERATING TO BE VOTED 11,455,300 15,511,319
15,822,800 Ministry Total Operating    

NOTE: Commencing in 2003-04, Estimates are presented on the accrual basis of accounting. Information for 2002-03 and earlier years is presented on the modified cash basis, and therefore comparison between 2003-04 and earlier year figures may not be meaningful. Differences between cash and accrual relate to adjustments such as timing of transfer payments and provisions for bad debts, that would increase or decrease the 2002-03 amounts had they been presented on the accrual basis.

Adjustments for this Ministry, if any, are indicated by superscripted references above and are explained on the page following the Ministry Summary - Reconciliation of 2002-03 Estimates from Cash to Accrual.


VOTE and item   Cash 2002-03 Estimates Adjustments to Accrual Estimates Presented as Accrual Estimates on Accrual Basis Change from 2002-03 Estimates on Accrual Basis
    $ millions $ millions $ millions $ millions $ millions
401 Cabinet Office Program          
1 Main Office1 16.9 (0.4) 16.5 15.5 1.0
2 Government House Leader 0.3 - 0.3 0.3 -
    17.3 (0.4) 16.8 15.8 1.0
  Ministry Total Operating 17.3 (0.4) 16.8 15.8 1.0

Note: Amounts are rounded to the nearest one hundred thousand dollars and amounts less than fifty thousand dollars are shown as zero. Totals may not add due to this rounding.

Adjustments from Cash to Accrual - Commencing in 2003-04, Estimates are prepared on the accrual basis of accounting. Information for 2002-03 and earlier years was prepared in the Estimates on the modified-cash basis. Information is provided in the following notes on the adjustments that increase or decrease the 2002-03 amounts to present them on the accrual basis in this reconciliation. The accrual presentation of the 2002-03 Estimates is not an official restatement; it is an approximation reflecting only the significant accrual adjustments as required to allow for a comparison between the 2003-04 and the 2002-03 Estimates on a consistent basis of accounting. (Note: adjustments of less than $0.05 million are not shown)

$ millions
adjustment to remove the pension costs related to ministry employees because, commencing in 2003-04, the cost to the Province of all pension benefits earned by employees is reflected in the Estimates for Management Board Secretariat
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