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The Culture Program encourages the arts and cultural industries, protects Ontario’s heritage and advances the public library system in order to maximize their contribution to the province’s economic and social vitality.

CULTURE PROGRAM 2802 - Summary

VOTE and item Accrual 2003-04 Estimates PROGRAM AND ACTIVITIES Cash 2002-03 Estimates Cash 2001-02 Actual
  $   $ $
1 131,426,500 Culture1 140,754,700 141,476,747
  131,426,500 Total Operating 140,754,700 141,476,747
  98,119,200 Less: Special Warrants 46,953,000 -
  33,307,300 Amount to be Voted 93,801,700 141,476,747

NOTE: Commencing in 2003-04, Estimates are presented on the accrual basis of accounting. Information for 2002-03 and earlier years is presented on the modified cash basis, and therefore comparison between 2003-04 and earlier year figures may not be meaningful. Differences between cash and accrual relate to adjustments such as timing of transfer payments and provisions for bad debts, that would increase or decrease the 2002-03 amounts had they been presented on the accrual basis.

Adjustments for this Ministry, if any, are indicated by superscripted references above and are explained on the page following the Ministry Summary - Reconciliation of 2002-03 Estimates from Cash to Accrual.

CULTURE PROGRAM - Standard Accounts Classification

Culture (2802-1)   $
Salaries and wages   4,274,700
Employee benefits   451,600
Transportation and communication   199,600
Services   648,800
Supplies and equipment   99,500
Transfer payments $  
Arts Sector Support 1,860,800  
Heritage Sector Support 3,620,900  
Libraries Sector Support 29,646,100  
Cultural Agencies Support 2,048,500  
Art Gallery of Ontario 11,182,500  
McMichael Canadian Collection 2,740,800  
Ontario Arts Council 24,937,400  
Ontario Media Development Corporation 9,428,500  
Ontario Heritage Foundation 2,195,800  
Ontario Science Centre 15,199,400  
Royal Botanical Gardens 1,598,500  
Royal Ontario Museum 18,517,800  
Science North 2,776,300  
Less: Recoveries   1,000
Total Operating for Culture Program   131,426,500