Ombudsman Ontario - Summary

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The role and responsibilities of the Ombudsman are set out in the Ombudsman Act.

The Ombudsman investigates and resolves complaints about the Provincial government, its agencies, boards, commissions or tribunals and recommends corrective action to be taken in those cases in which the Ombudsman decides that there is substance to the complaint. These concerns may be raised by individuals or on the Ombudsman's own motion because of some action that has been taken or neglected to be taken by an official, or from some decision or recommendation which is alleged to be unfair, unreasonable, or arbitrary.

The Ombudsman is an officer of the Legislature and is independent of both the political process and the government administration. The Ombudsman submits an annual report to the Legislature and can issue special reports as appropriate. Ombudsman Ontario services are provided throughout the province, toll-free numbers are available to the public and corporate communications are designed to inform the public about the Ombudsman's services, particularly with those sectors of the public least likely to know about such services. All services are free to the public and information received is kept confidential.

OMBUDSMAN ONTARIO - Operating Summary

2003-04 Estimates PROGRAMS Change from 2002-03 2002-03 Estimates 2001-02 Actual
$   $ $ $
9,024,600 Ombudsman Ontario Program 531,200 8,493,400 8,002,960
9,024,600 Total Operating 531,200 8,493,400 8,002,960
5,100,000 Less: Special Warrants 2,700,000 2,400,000 -
3,924,600 < TOTAL OPERATING TO BE VOTED (2,168,800) 6,093,400 8,002,960
9,024,600 Expenditure 531,200 8,493,400 8,002,960