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The role of Labour Relations is to promote a stable labour relations climate and harmonious workplace relationships in the province.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal which mediates and adjudicates a variety of employment and labour relations-related matters under various Ontario statutes. The OLRB is responsible for, among other things: certification of trade unions, termination of bargaining rights, unfair labour practice applications, employer applications related to the sale of businesses, illegal strikes and lock-outs, both in the construction and non-construction sectors. The OLRB also generally ensures minimum workplace standards through the review of decisions of employment standards officers and occupational health and safety inspectors, as well as mediating and arbitrating other labour and employment disputes with a view to promoting safe, fair and harmonious conditions in Ontario's workplaces.

The two statutory tribunals comprising the Public Service Appeal Boards are also independent quasi-judicial tribunals that oversee the labour relations of Ontario Crown employees. They include the Crown Employees Grievance Settlement Board and the Public Service Grievance Board.

The Labour Management Services Program provides neutral, third party assistance to trade unions and employers through collective agreement conciliation and mediation, appointment of arbitrators and collective bargaining information.


VOTE and item Accrual 2004-05 Estimates VOTE AND ITEMS Change from 2003-04 Accrual 2003-04 Estimates Cash 2002-03 Actual
  $   $ $ $
1 11,930,300 Labour Relations Board 264,600 11,665,700 11,608,742
S 1,224,200 Public Service Appeal Boards (43,300) 1,267,500 1,028,628
S 8,096,300 Labour Management Services 2,400 8,093,900 8,002,682
  21,250,800 Total Operating 223,700 21,027,100 20,640,052
  - Less: Special Warrants (14,606,300) 14,606,300 -
  21,250,800 Amount to be Voted 14,830,000 6,420,800 20,640,052

PAY EQUITY COMMISSION PROGRAM - Standard Accounts Classification of Activities and Sub-activities - OPERATING EXPENSES

Labour Relations Board (1603-1) $
Salaries and wages 7,845,900
Employee benefits 951,100
Transportation and communication 739,000
Services 2,267,700
Supplies and equipment 126,600
Public Service Appeal Boards (1603-2)  
Salaries and wages 412,600
Employee benefits 61,000
Transportation and communication 175,100
Services 1,521,300
Supplies and equipment 25,000
Less: Recoveries 970,800
Labour Management Services (1603-3) $
Salaries and wages 5,481,700
Employee benefits 684,500
Transportation and communication 650,400
Services 1,268,000
Supplies and equipment 111,700
Less: Recoveries 100,000
Total Operating for Labour Relations Program 21,250,800