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Ontario Health Insurance Program - VOTE 1405

The Ontario Health Insurance Program includes key elements of Ontario's health care system: client eligibility and health card policies, physicians' payments for services that are insured under the Health Insurance Act, other practitioners' payments, out-of-province/out-of-country services, independent health facilities, Family Health Teams, midwifery services, underserviced areas, northern health travel grants, teletriage services, disease prevention, health quality, drugs, community laboratories, protection from health-related fraudulent activity and assistive devices including home oxygen.

Ontario health services are available from health professionals in various settings from family doctors' offices to academic health science centres, to hospitals, to Telehealth Ontario and Telephone Health Advisory Service where triage advice and health information are provided by a registered nurse. Government-funded services are available to Ontarians who have registered, and who are eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. The Underserviced Area Program and the Northern Health Travel Grant Program offer a number of integrated supports that provide rural and northern communities with access to needed health care services.

The focus for disease prevention is improving the health and health care for Ontarians living with or at high risk of developing diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and hypertension. The Ontario Diabetes Strategy leverages new and existing investments to improve access to, and quality of, diabetes services and care. This serves to enhance prevention and improve disease management.

Health Quality Ontario is the provincial agency that supports evidence-based, high quality health care to contribute to a sustainable health system.

Vote Summary





1 Ontario Health Insurance 13,806,754,000 13,378,813,300 427,940,700 13,278,213,387
2 Drug Programs 3,659,864,600 3,637,764,600 22,100,000 3,438,756,024
4 Assistive Devices Program 438,036,800 429,536,800 8,500,000 422,575,922
Total Including Special Warrants 17,904,655,400 17,446,114,700 458,540,700 17,139,545,333
Less: Special Warrants 5,375,059,400 - 5,375,059,400 -
  TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSE TO BE VOTED 12,529,596,000 17,446,114,700 (4,916,518,700) 17,139,545,333
Special Warrants 5,375,059,400 - 5,375,059,400 -
S Bad Debt Expense, the Financial Administration Act 1,000 670,000 (669,000) 668,300
  Total Statutory Appropriations 1,000 670,000 (669,000) 668,300
  Total Operating Expense 17,904,656,400 17,446,784,700 457,871,700 17,140,213,633
5 Ontario Health Insurance Program 8,450,000 27,950,000 (19,500,000) 1,800,000
Total Including Special Warrants 8,450,000 27,950,000 (19,500,000) 1,800,000
Less: Special Warrants 2,535,000 - 2,535,000 -
  TOTAL OPERATING ASSETS TO BE VOTED 5,915,000 27,950,000 (22,035,000) 1,800,000
Special Warrants 2,535,000 - 2,535,000 -
  Total Operating Assets 8,450,000 27,950,000 (19,500,000) 1,800,000

Standard Account by Item and Sub-Items
1405-1 Ontario Health Insurance      
      Salaries and wages     53,148,200
      Employee benefits     7,384,500
      Transportation and communication     5,235,200
      Services     28,960,300
      Supplies and equipment     2,446,200
      Transfer payments      
          Payments made for services and for care provided by physicians and practitioners   13,246,195,000  
          Independent Health Facilities   69,760,500  
          Underserviced Area Plan   21,713,500  
          Northern Travel Program   53,281,600  
          Teletriage Services   44,422,200  
          Quality Management Program - Laboratory Services   4,598,900  
          Midwifery Services   134,488,200  
          Colorectal Cancer Screening   46,003,800  
          Disease Prevention Strategy   27,718,400  
          Health Quality Ontario   35,493,100  
          Quality Health Initiatives   25,904,400 13,709,579,600
  Total Operating Expense     13,806,754,000
1405-2 Drug Programs      
      Salaries and wages     7,541,600
      Employee benefits     1,317,400
      Transportation and communication     5,686,300
      Services     22,900,300
      Supplies and equipment     1,695,500
      Transfer payments      
          Ontario Drug Programs     3,620,723,500
  Total Operating Expense     3,659,864,600
1405-4 Assistive Devices Program      
      Salaries and wages     2,378,600
      Employee benefits     437,600
      Transportation and communication     154,700
      Services     206,200
      Supplies and equipment     97,300
      Transfer payments      
          Assistive Devices Program   343,670,900  
          Home Oxygen Program   91,091,500 434,762,400
  Total Operating Expense     438,036,800
  Statutory Appropriations      
      Other transactions      
Statutory         Bad Debt Expense, the Financial Administration Act     1,000
  Total Operating Expense for Ontario Health Insurance Program     17,904,656,400
1405-5 Ontario Health Insurance Program      
      Advances and recoverable amounts      
          Payments made for services and for care provided by physicians and practitioners   5,000,000  
          Underserviced Area Plan   450,000  
          Midwifery Services   3,000,000 8,450,000
  Total Operating Assets     8,450,000
  Total Operating Assets for Ontario Health Insurance Program     8,450,000