: Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) 2012


2012 Allocation


The OMPF, which replaced the Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) in 2005, is the Province’s main transfer payment to municipalities. Its objectives are to:

  • assist municipalities with their social program costs;
  • support areas with limited property assessment;
  • address challenges faced by northern and rural communities; and
  • respond to policing costs in rural communities.

2012 Combined Benefit — OMPF and Provincial Uploads

Since 2009, municipal benefits have been calculated as a combination of both OMPF grants and provincial uploads. Consistent with this approach, starting in 2012, the combined benefit includes the upload of court security and prisoner transportation costs, as well as additional Ontario Works administration funding provided by the Province.

The Province will provide a combined benefit of over $1.8 billion to 416 municipalities in 2012 — almost three times the level of funding provided under the previous program. This support includes:

  • $583 million in OMPF grants to 373 municipalities; and
  • $1.2 billion in reduced social assistance benefit program and court security and prisoner transportation costs to 314 municipalities.
2012 Combined Benefit Compared to Prior Years
  2004 2011 2012
A. CRF/OMPF $618 million $577 million $583 million
B. Provincial Uploads - $947 million $1.2 billion
Combined Benefit (A + B) $618 million $1.5 billion $1.8 billion
Year-over-Year Increase $329 million $287 million
Increase Since 2004 $906 million $1.2 billion

2012 OMPF Funding Parameters

To ensure that the OMPF remains up to date and responsive to changing local circumstances, data elements such as weighted assessment, tax revenue, households and program costs have been updated to reflect the most recent data available prior to the annual release of the program.

2012 Upload Benefit to Municipalities

As a result of the provincial uploads, 314 municipalities will see an estimated benefit of $1.2 billion in 2012.

Upload Benefit to Municipalities
Program 2012
ODB $185 million
ODSP Administration $85 million
ODSP Benefits $695 million
OW Administration $173 million
OW Benefits (14% uploaded in 2012) $70 million
Court Security and Prisoner Transportation (14% uploaded in 2012) $18 million
Total Upload Benefit $1.2 billion

Transitional Assistance

The Province will provide $15 million in transitional assistance in 2012. This assistance will ensure that municipalities receive a guaranteed level of support based on the 2011 combined benefit of both OMPF and provincial uploads.

Ongoing Support to Municipalities

The Province will provide municipalities with ongoing support of approximately $3.2 billion in 2012 — almost three times the level provided in 2003.  This support, in addition to the OMPF and provincial uploads, includes funding to maintain the provincial share of public health and land ambulance costs, as well as gas tax funding.

By 2018, the Province will have increased ongoing support to municipalities to $4 billion a year — an increase of more than 270 per cent compared to 2003.

Ongoing Suppport to Municipalities Is Increasing

Additional Information

If you require additional information or have general inquiries about the program, you may e-mail your query and contact information to: info.ompf@ontario.ca.

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