2016 OMPF Allocation Notice - County of Renfrew

Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) – 2016 Upload Notice

County of Renfrew

2016 Highlights for the County of Renfrew

  • The estimated total benefit of the 2016 provincial uploads for the County of Renfrew is $9,405,800.
  • This is the equivalent of 8% of all municipal property tax revenue in the County.
  • This exceeds the County's 2015 upload benefit by $400,300.
  • This also exceeds payments received in 2004 by $4,576,800.
  • The removal of these costs off the property tax base benefits all taxpayers within the County of Renfrew.

Table A: Estimated 2016 Provincial Uploads

A Estimated 2016 Provincial Uploads $9,405,800
1. Ontario Drug Benefits $1,394,700
2. Ontario Disability Support Program - Administration Component $667,000
3. Ontario Disability Support Program - Benefits Component $5,392,900
4. Ontario Works - Benefits Component $1,121,800
5. Ontario Works - Administration Component (Additional Support) $829,400

Table B: 2015 Provincial Uploads

B 2015 Provincial Uploads $9,005,500

Table C: Increase in Provincial Uploads Compared to 2015

C Increase in Provincial Uploads Compared to 2015 (Line A - Line B) $400,300

2016 Upload Notice - Line Item Descriptions

A – Estimated 2016 municipal benefit resulting from the provincial upload of social assistance benefit programs and court security and prisoner transportation (CSPT) costs.

B – Revised 2015 Social Programs Cost. For further details on the revisions please see the customized municipal 2016 Upload Benefit Report.

Note: Provincial funding and other ongoing provincial support initiatives rounded to multiples of $100.

Ontario Ministry of Finance
Provincial-Local Finance Division Issued: November 2016