: Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF)


2019 OMPF

2019 Overview

The Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) is the Province’s main general assistance grant to municipalities.

The program primarily supports northern and rural municipalities across the province and reflects the following objectives:

  • supports areas with limited property assessment;
  • recognizes the challenges of northern and rural municipalities, while targeting funding to those with more challenging fiscal circumstances; and
  • assists municipalities that are adjusting to year-over-year funding shifts.

For 2019, the government is maintaining the OMPF structure as it was in 2018, while allowing for annual data updates and related grant parameter adjustments, in keeping with the program’s responsiveness to changing municipal circumstances.

The Transitional Assistance component of the program is also remaining the same, and will continue to adjust as fewer municipalities require this funding.

Consistent with prior years, Transitional Assistance will ensure that the 2019 funding guarantee for municipalities in northern Ontario will be at least 90 per cent of their 2018 OMPF allocation, and for municipalities in southern Ontario will be at least 85 per cent of their 2018 OMPF allocation.

2019 Minimum Levels of Support (Per Cent of 2018 OMPF Allocation)
Northern Ontario 90%
Southern Ontario 85%

Northern and rural municipalities with the most challenging fiscal circumstances will continue to have their funding enhanced up to 100 per cent of the prior year’s allocation.

2019 OMPF

All four core grant components of the 2019 OMPF are providing the same level of support as in 2018. As in prior years, Transitional Assistance will continue to adjust as fewer municipalities require this funding.

As a result, the 2019 OMPF will provide a total of $505 million to 389 municipalities across the province through the following grant components and Transitional Assistance.

2019 OMPF Grant Components ($ Millions)
Assessment Equalization 149
Northern Communities 89
Rural Communities 150
Northern and Rural Fiscal Circumstances 89
Transitional Assistance* 28
Total OMPF 505
Note: The above numbers have been rounded.
*Transitional Assistance provides a guaranteed level of support to municipalities based on the previous year’s OMPF allocation.

OMPF Review

The OMPF is currently being reviewed to ensure that program is sustainable and focused on the northern and rural municipalities that need this funding the most. The government will continue to consult with municipalities in 2019 as part of the review.

Additional Information

For additional information or for other general inquiries about the program, email your query and contact information to: info.ompf@ontario.ca

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