Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF)

2021 Allocation Notice – Town of Espanola

Town of Espanola

    In 2021, the Province is providing the Town of Espanola with $1,812,500 in funding through the OMPF, which is the equivalent of $744 per household.

Table A: Total 2021 OMPF

A Total 2021 OMPF $1,812,500
1. Assessment Equalization Grant Component $519,100
2. Northern Communities Grant Component $583,700
3. Rural Communities Grant Component $319,300
4. Northern and Rural Fiscal Circumstances Grant Component $252,300
5. Transitional Assistance $138,100

Table B: Key OMPF Data Inputs

B Key OMPF Data Inputs
1. Households 2,437
2. Total Weighted Assessment per Household $229,245
3. Rural and Small Community Measure (RSCM) 100.0%
4. Farm Area Measure (FAM) n/a
5. Northern and Rural Municipal Fiscal Circumstances Index (MFCI) 6.3
6. 2021 Guaranteed Level of Support 96.45%
7. 2020 OMPF $1,879,200

2021 OMPF Allocation Notice - Line Item Descriptions

A – Sum of 2021 OMPF grant components and Transitional Assistance, which are described in the 2021 OMPF Technical Guide. This document can be accessed on the Ministry of Finance's website at: https://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/budget/ompf/2021

A5 – If applicable, reflects the amount of transitional support provided to assist the municipality in adjusting to year-over-year funding changes.

B1 – Based on the 2020 returned roll from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

B2 – Refers to the total assessment for a municipality weighted by the tax ratio for each class of property (including payments in lieu of property taxes retained by the municipality) divided by the total number of households.

B3 – Represents the proportion of a municipality's population residing in rural areas and/or small communities. For additional information, see the 2021 OMPF Technical Guide, Appendix A.

B4 – Represents the percentage of a municipality's land area comprised of farm land. Additional details regarding the calculation of the Farm Area Measure are provided in the 2021 OMPF Technical Guide, Appendix B.

B5 – Measures a municipality's fiscal circumstances relative to other northern and rural municipalities in the province, and ranges from 0 to 10. A lower MFCI corresponds to relatively positive fiscal circumstances, whereas a higher MFCI corresponds to more challenging fiscal circumstances. For additional information, see the 2021 OMPF Technical Guide, Appendix D.

B6 – Represents the guaranteed level of support the municipality will receive through the 2021 OMPF. For additional information, see the 2021 OMPF Technical Guide.

B7 – 2020 OMPF Allocation Notice (Line A).

Note: Grant components and Transitional Assistance are rounded up to multiples of $100.

Ontario Ministry of Finance
Provincial-Local Finance Division Issued: October 2020