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EXPANDING The Going Global Trade Strategy will expand the reach of Ontario’s exports EXPORTS to emerging markets that are quickly increasing their share of the global economy. It will help Ontario companies — especially small and medium- sized businesses— increase their success in exporting to global markets and creating jobs. The government is: • Opening Ontario’s 11th international trade offce in São Paulo, Brazil; further expanding representation to include South Korea, China and Israel; adding to the existing trade offces in New York, San Francisco, Mexico City, London, Paris, Munich, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and New Delhi. These markets are growing faster than any other markets around the world. • Connecting more Ontario businesses to more foreign buyers by expanding the number of trade missions to increase exports and create jobs. Last year ONTARIO’S GOING GLOBAL alone, Ontario led over 70 trade missions in priority sectors and emerging TRADE STRATEGY markets to connect Ontario business to international companies. EXPANDING OUR SHARE IN EMERGING MARKETS 6 GET THE FACTS AT ONTARIO.CA/BUDGET
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