Page 3 - 2104 Ontario Budget - Introducing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
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WORKPLACE What’s more, only 34% of workers are enrolled in a workplace pension plan. Factor in today’s increased life expectancy, and the fact that personal savings PENSION rates in Ontario are low, and the challenge becomes clear. COVERAGE IS LOW ONLy 34% Of WORKERS ARE ENROLLED IN A WORkPLACE PENSION PLAN AN ENHANCEMENT Enhancing the CPP is critical to ensuring all Ontarians — especially middle- IS CRITICAL income earners — can look forward to more fnancial security in their retirement. But despite consensus among provinces and territories to continue discussions to enhance the CPP, the federal government shut down these discussions. 22.7% 4.7% 1982 TODAY PERSONAL SAVINGS RATES 2 GET THE FACTS AT ONTARIO.CA/BUDGET
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