Page 4 - 2104 Ontario Budget - Introducing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
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A PENSION Ontario is proposing a new, mandatory provincial pension plan — the Ontario DESIGNED FOR Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP). A made-in-Ontario solution, the ORPP would be cost-effective, responsible and help Ontario workers build a more secure TODAy’S retirement future. WORKfORCE The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan would be the frst of its kind in Canada, and would expand pension coverage initially to more than three million working Ontarians who currently rely on the CPP, Old Age Security and their own savings for retirement income. + + The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan would mean more money for your retirement. CANADA OLD AGE PERSONAL PENSION SECURITy SAVINGS PLAN + ONTARIO RETIREMENT PENSION PLAN 3 ONTARIO RETIREMENT PENSION PLAN
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