Page 7 - 2104 Ontario Budget - Introducing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
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HELPING Since the ORPP is intended to help people most at risk of undersaving, those already participating in a comparable workplace pension plan would not be THOSE MOST required to enrol in the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan. AT RISK To reduce the burden on lower-income workers, earnings below a certain threshold would be exempt from contributions, similar to the CPP. OF UNDERSAvING Self-employed people have a unique status in the labour market as both employee and employer. The government will consult to determine how best to help self-employed individuals achieve a secure retirement future, as well as on the appropriate lower-income threshold. PUbLICLy The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan would be publicly run at arm’s length from government, with a strong governance model. RUN 6 GET THE FACTS AT ONTARIO.CA/BUDGET
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