This document was published under a previous government and is available for archival and research purposes.

Ontario is committed to helping people acquire the skills they need to find a good job and receive a secure and predictable retirement income. The Province is also creating opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper by helping small businesses scale up into medium-sized and large enterprises, by investing in transformative technologies that will create the jobs of tomorrow and by attracting investment from around the globe.

To build inclusive, thriving communities, Ontario is continuing to invest in infrastructure and social services as well as transforming the justice system. To ensure that these opportunities are available in all regions of the province, the government is fostering an environment where everyone will benefit from, and contribute to, Ontario’s prosperity.

Supporting People

by increasing access to education and training programs, helping them build skills and gain job experience.

Supporting Businesses

by fostering innovation, increasing access to financing, and helping firms grow their exports.

Supporting Communities

by investing in social services to help them thrive, and renewing and expanding transportation infrastructure through the largest investment in Ontario’s history.

How we’re helping people

Ontario is taking action by:

  • Helping students and recent graduates get a head start on their careers by increasing work-related learning opportunities and supports through the new Career Kick-Start Strategy.
  • Transforming the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) to make tuition free for more than 210,000 students.
  • Opening doors and creating opportunities for adults by enhancing education and essential skills development through the new Ontario Lifelong Learning and Skills Plan.
  • Strengthening retirement security for today’s workers by having led the charge on the Canada Pension Plan enhancement and by modernizing workplace pension plans.

How we’re helping businesses

Ontario is taking action by:

  • Helping small businesses scale up into medium-sized and large enterprises, and reducing the regulatory burden on businesses through the Business Growth Initiative.
  • Establishing a new cybersecurity pilot project to reduce risks, strengthen the province’s private financial institutions and create jobs.
  • Supporting investments to keep Ontario at the leading edge of research and development of transformative technologies, creating the jobs of tomorrow. This includes supporting the new Vector Institute for artificial intelligence and creating the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network.
  • Creating and retaining more than 37,000 jobs across the province through the 10-year, $2.7-billion Jobs and Prosperity Fund, which helps the government partner with businesses to enhance productivity, innovation and exports.

How we’re helping communities

Ontario is taking action by:

  • Investing in public transit, such as increasing the frequency of GO rail network services and improving roads to better connect communities.
  • Moving forward with a basic income pilot to see whether a basic income could provide greater security and opportunity in a changing labour market, and improve health, employment and housing outcomes.
  • Creating safer communities by modernizing police training, enhancing civilian governance and improving interactions between law enforcement and vulnerable populations.