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Fuel Tax

  • Attention Truckers: No Dyed Diesel on the Highway
    Dyed diesel must not be used to fuel a licensed motor vehicle, even if the motor vehicle is operated primarily in connection with the business of farming, construction, forestry or mining.
  • Coloured Fuel
    This page provides general information on the purchase, use, storage, labelling and handling of tax-exempt coloured fuel in Ontario.
  • Colouring of Fuel
    This bulletin was revised January 2012 to establish the cost of dye to registered dyers in respect to coloured fuel exported from Canada.
  • Contaminated Fuel Procedures
    The information in this bulletin is for bulk fuel purchasers and others with fuel storage such as farms, construction firms, trucking firms, service stations, bulk plants, and transporters. Also provided are the procedures to follow in the event of fuel contamination and a listing of who to contact for assistance throughout the province from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Fuel Acquisition Permits
    The purpose of this tax bulletin is to clarify the rules governing the purchase of clear fuel under Fuel Acquisition Permits. The information in this bulletin will be of interest to current and prospective FAP holders and their suppliers.
  • Injector Breakdown Procedures
    The information in this bulletin provides the procedures to be followed, by registered dyers, when a coloured fuel dye injector fails to properly colour fuel.
  • Requirements for Interjurisdictional Transporters
    This bulletin contains important information for interjurisdictional transporters under the Fuel Tax Act and the Gasoline Tax Act.
  • Sales of Kerosene
    The purpose of this tax bulletin is to clarify the rules governing the sale of kerosene under Fuel Acquisition Permit.
  • Tax Refunds: Bad Debts and Lost, Destroyed, Stolen or Contaminated Product
    This bulletin outlines the requirements for claiming tax refunds relating to bad debt and product loss/contamination under the Gasoline Tax Act and the Fuel Tax Act. These requirements ensure that collectors and non-collectors, wholesalers, importers and retailers are aware of how to file and to substantiate their claims so that money is refunded when justified.
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