Modernizing the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 1994
Consultation on draft regulations


Q: What is the purpose of the consultations?    
A:  The Ministry of Finance is requesting the public’s input into the proposed set of updated regulations. These draft regulations mark the final stage of a reform initiative to modernize the legislation governing the provincial credit union system.

Q: Who do I contact for more information and how can I participate in the consultation?
A:  Your comments, questions, and/or written submissions can be forwarded via email to: or via regular mail to the attention of:
Luba Mycak
Senior Manager
Industrial & Financial Policy Branch
Ministry of Finance
95 Grosvenor St., 4th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 1Z1
Tel. (416) 326-9227 / Fax (416) 325-1187

Q:  Who can participate in the consultation?
A: As this is a public consultation, all interested parties are invited to send written submissions.

Q:  What is the deadline for submissions?
A:  The deadline for the receipt of submissions is Tuesday, March 31, 2009.

Q: Will my comments remain confidential?
A: This is a public consultation.  All comments received will be considered public and may be used by the ministry to help evaluate and revise the draft regulations, and may involve disclosing some or all comments to other interested parties.
If you feel your comments should not be shared, please state this in your email or covering letter.

Q: Will my personal information be disclosed?
A: Personal information in submissions (such as names, and contact details in addition to any other information that can be used to identify an individual) will not be disclosed without prior written consent, subject to any legal requirements. 

However, records created by individuals acting in their professional capacity may be disclosed, unless otherwise stated in the covering letter that such disclosure would be harmful and/or prejudicial. Further information regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information can be found in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act at

Q: When will the regulations come into force?
A: These regulations will become law only if the Lieutenant Governor in Council approves the regulations and proclaims the legislative amendments

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