: Canadian Federation of Pensioners - Submission

April 19, 2016

Sent by e-mail to: Fin.Adv.Pin@Ontario.ca

Subject: Financial Advisory and Financial Planning Policy Alternatives

By email to Ms. A. Clarke-Stewart on 5 April of this year, the Canadian Federation of Pensioners was invited to participate in a discussion on the preliminary recommendations of the Expert Committee to Consider Financial Advisory and Financial Planning Policy Alternatives.

The mandate of CFP is to advocate for measures that would strengthen the security of defined benefit pension plans. Defined Benefit plans are, of course, a critically important component of the financial planning for members, both active and retired, of such plans. To this end, CFP has consulted widely with Ontario's Ministry of Finance and Financial Services Commission, among others.

Our expertise does not encompass the much broader range of considerations contemplated by the Expert Committee, so we feel that CFP has little to offer in your public consultation.

We realize that proper investment planning by pensioners beyond their pension plan entitlements is a vital component of retirement planning, and wish the expert committee well with its deliberations.

Bob Farmer
President- Canadian Federation of Pensioners