: Heather Snipper - Submission

In an effort to rid itself of independent planners and after ruling and regulating independent planners to death, what is this purpose.  Unless consumers to an overwhelming amount of research, there will be no way to rid the industry of the bad advisors, planners....experts.  Herding the consumer towards the banks in an effort to glean funds and not actually have to do anything is no answer.   The government’s sole purpose is to pretend that it is actually doing something for the consumer to look good and ruin an entire industry.  They tried in Australia and Britain.  The British are now re-thinking the whole thing as despite what the sanitized reports have been, it is been a disaster.  The U.S. has left well enough alone, finally understanding that monopolies do not create a healthy consumer experience.  Instead of standing up to the regulators, everyone has turtled and acquiesced, rolling over on their backs in the hope that the Ontario government and the OSC will be lenient.
I find this whole process insulting, bad regulation and ultimately a disaster for the consumer.

Heather Snipper