: Bev MacLeod - Submission

Sir:  I am a widow who has a complicated portfolio.  

My husband was well versed in financial planning and thus invested diversely for me and our family.

To date I have had two financial advisors and lately my accountant has expressed concern that my investments are being moved more than he feels is necessary.  I have a chronic condition and will need a substantial financial base if I need nursing care either in an institution or at home.

I want my independence and am prepared to provide it for myself but to be truthful the financial planning business frightens me.  I would like strong regulations and perhaps an advisory group who could assure elderly or infirm people that they were not being taken advantage of.

My husband and I worked and saved in order to have a retirement that was free from debt and money concerns.  He will not benefit from his work but I know he would want me to be at ease and comfortable as I live my remaining years.  

Bev MacLeod