Consultations: Provincial Land Tax Review Update 2016

First Stage of PLT Review

  • The 2015 Ontario Budget announced PLT rate changes for 2015 and 2016.  Before these changes were announced, PLT rates had not been updated to increase revenues in over 60 years. As a result, property tax inequities had developed in northern Ontario.
  • Details about the PLT changes for 2015 and 2016 are outlined in the paper, Provincial Land Tax Reform: A First Step toward a Fair and Modern Provincial Land Tax System, posted on the Ministry of Finance web site.
    • For residential properties, the PLT rates will be adjusted by $40 per $100,000 of assessed property value in 2016.
    • The minimum PLT is being set at $50 annually per property in 2016 to ensure that all unincorporated area property owners make a basic contribution to the cost of important services.
  • The 2016 changes will appear on your 2016 final PLT bill.
  • While this initial stage of PLT reform made important strides in creating a more equitable PLT, the government committed to continue discussions with northerners on ways to further address tax inequities in the North.

Second Stage of PLT Review

  • The Ministry of Finance launched the second stage of the PLT review and consultation by holding 15 open houses across northern Ontario from August to October 2015. The open houses provided unincorporated area property owners the opportunity to hear more about PLT changes and provide input.
  • These sessions are summarized in Provincial Land Tax Reform: Overview of the Provincial Land Tax Open Houses. The paper is posted on the Ministry of Finance PLT web page.
  • The second stage of the PLT review will continue to address inequities in taxation and in how important services are paid for in the North.

How can I provide additional input on the PLT?

  • The 2016 Ontario Budget confirmed the government’s commitment to continue consultations with northerners on ways to further address tax inequities in the North before determining PLT rate adjustments for 2017. 
  • Building on the feedback received through the PLT open house sessions, the Ministry of Finance is seeking your written input on the review of the PLT at
  • Those who do not have internet access may provide input by requesting a form from the Ministry of Finance by mail or by phone message.

Provincial Land Tax Reform Office
Ministry of Finance
Provincial Local Finance Division
777 Bay Street
10th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2C8

Voice-mail: 1-844-637-6465 (toll free)

You can find out more about the PLT on the Ministry of Finance web site