Special Purpose Business Property Assessment Review

Assessment Review

The Ministry of Finance in partnership with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), municipalities and stakeholders, has completed the implementation of the Assessment Review (Special Purpose Business Property Assessment Review). 

The Assessment Review report included 26 overarching recommendations for improving the property assessment system, as well as recommendations related to the assessment of seven special purpose business properties. 

One of the key recommendations from the Assessment Review was the introduction of an advance disclosure process for special purpose business properties.  In April 2015, the Minister of Finance issued formal direction to MPAC related to the implementation of the advance disclosure process for select special purpose business properties that involve complex assessment methodologies.  MPAC has completed the implementation of this process for the 2016 reassessment, which enabled affected businesses and municipalities to contribute to the determination of assessed values. 

Landfill Review

In Spring 2016, former Cabinet Minister John Wilkinson led a review on the assessment methodology to value landfills. The Minister of Finance accepted the recommendations in Mr. Wilkinson’s Report on the Landfill Assessment Methodology Review

In Fall 2016, Mr. Wilkinson was re-engaged by the Ministry to provide advice on two technical implementation aspects of his recommendations:

  1. Definition of the new landfill property class; and
  2. Framework for setting tax ratios for the class for the 2017-2020 tax years.

In November 2016, Mr. Wilkinson delivered a final report on the Implementation of the Landfill Assessment Review containing his advice on the implementation of these two issues.

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