: Facilitating Pooled Asset Management for Ontario’s Public-Sector Institutions

In the 2012 Ontario Budget, the McGuinty government announced its intention to create a framework that would facilitate the pooling of pension fund asset management. To get the best possible advice on this complex undertaking, William Morneau was appointed as Pension Investment Advisor in May 2012 to help determine the advantages of pooled asset management for Ontario’s public-sector pension funds and, if appropriate, a path to implementation. 

Mr. Morneau has released his recommendations for implementing pooled asset management for Ontario’s broader public sector institutions. 

As the next step in this process, the Ontario government is asking individual plans, affected stakeholders and other individuals to provide feedback on the recommendations report.  This information will help inform the government’s position as it reviews the report and develops an implementation plan. Alternatively, you can request a meeting with government officials by emailing pension.feedback@ontario.ca

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