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DuPont/INVISTA Pensioners Association-Canada

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February 27, 2009

The Honourable Dwight Duncan
Minister of Finance
Govrnment of Ontario
Floor 7, 7 Queen's Park Crescent
Frost South Building
Toronto, ON  M7A 1Y7

Minister Duncan,

I am a retired (1990) employee of DuPont Canada Inc., a company whose shares and pension plan were acquired by INVISTA (Canada) Company in 2004. I am also a Director and President of DuPont / INVISTA Pensioners Association - Canada ("DIPAC"), and a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP). In both capacities, I have been closely involved in the preparation and presentation of briefs to the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions.

DIPAC is an incorporated not-for-profit organization representing approximately 3000 retired employees of (the former) DuPont Canada Inc., and its successor, INVISTA (Canada) Company. DIPAC's Directors have been personally involved from the beginning, in the formation and activity of CFP, which now represents over 100,000 retirees. In my capacity as President of DIPAC I am writing to confirm firm our strong support for the recommendations embodied in the Report of the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions (OECP), and in the response dated February 26, 2009, submitted to you by the Canadian Federation of Pensioners. My colleagues as Directors of DIPAC include Jerry Fox, Jack Walsh, and Tony Pompeo, each of whom is taking an active part in current dialogue with your officials on these matters.

We urge you and your government to continue your vigorous support of the recommendations of the OECP, and to move ahead, both in further consultations with the stakeholders, and by early implementation of the essential which are long overdue.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Donald Ivison

cc: F.G Fox; J.A. (Jack) Walsh; Tony Pompeo