: Consulting Ahead of the 2020 Budget

The government is continuing its conversations with the people of Ontario about its plan to make life more affordable for the residents in every corner of the province, and build Ontario together.

The conversations are being facilitated by in-person consultations across the province that will help inform the 2020 Budget. These Budget consultations provide individuals, businesses and organizations with an opportunity to tell the government directly about what matters most to them ahead of next year’s Budget, including submitting any innovative ideas. Key issues that could be addressed in the 2020 Budget include ensuring critical public services are supported, while maintaining the commitment to balance the budget by 2023–24.

In addition to these in‐person sessions, the people of Ontario can share their ideas, which are invaluable to the preparation of the 2020 Budget, in the following ways:

Written Submissions

Email or mail ideas directly to the Minister of Finance.

By Mail

The Honourable Rod Phillips
Minister of Finance
c/o Budget Secretariat
Frost Building North,
3rd Floor
95 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON  M7A 1Z1

By Email


Tell Us What You Think




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