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Some ServiceOntario locations are not open or are operating at reduced hours. Before you go to a ServiceOntario location, ensure the location is open and offers the service you need.

In-person services

The Ministry of Finance's in-person services are available at certain ServiceOntario locations. These locations accept returns and non-cash payments for several types of tax including retail sales tax, employer health tax, land transfer tax, provincial land tax, motor fuels, tobacco, beer, wine and spirits, and other provincial taxes on behalf of the ministry.

Note: 12 ServiceOntario locations accept cash payments.

ServiceOntario locations accepting cash payments

Hours of Service

Please note:

ServiceOntario locations will accept Ontario Corporations Tax (CT) payments and returns for tax years ending before January 1, 2009. ServiceOntario cannot accept any CT payments and returns for tax years ending after December 31, 2008. All payments and returns for harmonized years must be sent to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Please contact the CRA at 1 800 959-5525 or 1 800 665-0354 for teletypewriter (TTY).

ServiceOntario staff, like Ministry of Finance staff, are prevented by law from disclosing confidential information, except in accordance with provisions of the tax statutes and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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