Community Small Business Investment Fund Program

This program encouraged the formation of community-sponsored venture capital pools and provided eligible investors with incentives for purchasing Class A shares of registered funds.

Can I participate?

Investors can no longer purchase shares of the registered funds. The deadline was December 31, 2003.

Funds created before December 31, 2003 continue to operate and provide eligible investment and venture capital services.

View the list of registered community small business investment funds

How does the program work?

The community small business investment fund program has specific rules, including:

  • registration requirements
  • community sponsorship
  • articles of the corporation
  • assets that can be held by the fund
  • investment incentives for investors
  • required investment levels made by the fund
  • types of investments
  • required returns/forms
  • dividends and return of capital.

There are also specific eligibility criteria that need to be met by the:

  • corporations registered as a fund
  • corporation's community sponsors and shareholders
  • investee businesses
  • investments the corporation makes in investee businesses.

You can find these rules in the Community Small Business Investment Funds Act, 1992.

Can I get a grant or loan for my business through the program?

The community small business investment fund program does not provide grants or loans to businesses. Investment decisions are made by the registered funds.

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