Labour Sponsored Investment Fund Tax Credit

The Labour Sponsored Investment Fund Tax Credit program provided a tax credit to investors for investments made in labour sponsored investment funds. The tax credit was only available for 2011 and prior years.

Investors could get additional tax credits for investing in a labour sponsored investment fund that qualified as a research-oriented investment fund.

Investments in labour sponsored investment funds could form part of your registered retirement savings plan.

Can I get the tax credit?

If you haven’t filed your 2011 or older income tax return, you may be eligible for the tax credit.

The tax credit began to be phased out in 2009.

  • For investments made in 2009 and prior years the tax credit was 15 per cent
  • For 2010, the tax credit was 10 per cent
  • For 2011 the tax credit was 5 per cent
  • For years after 2011, no tax credit is available.

Labour Sponsored Investment Funds List

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