2006 CENSUS HIGHLIGHTS: Factsheet 12

Housing and Shelter Costs

Bar grap: Home Ownership Rates, CanadaPie Charts: Owner Households with Mortgage, OntarioBar graph: Condominium Ownership Rates, Canada Bar chart: Home Ownership by Household Type, Ontario, 2006 Pie Charts: Housing Affordability, Ontario Bar graph: Condominium Ownership Rates, Selected CMAs 2006

This factsheet looks at the 2006 Census data on housing and shelter costs released by Statistics Canada.

Seven in 10 Ontario Households Owned their Home

  • According to the 2006 Census, 71% of households in Ontario were owner households, an increase from 67.8% in 2001. This was the second largest increase (3.2 points) among the provinces, next to Alberta’s (3.4 points).
  • The proportion of Ontario households that rented their home decreased to 29% in 2006 from 32.2% in 2001.
  • Households in the Atlantic provinces continued to have the highest homeownership rates in Canada with Newfoundland and Labrador the highest (78.7%

Households with Mortgages Rising

  • Nearly six out of every 10 Ontario households that owned their home had a mortgage in 2006. Of the 3.2 million households that owned their dwelling in 2006, 1.9 million or 59.1% had a mortgage. This was an increase from 56% in 2001.
  • The proportion of owner households without a mortgage dropped from 44% in 2001 to 40.9% in 2006.
  • The increase in owner households with a mortgage was due to renters moving into homeownership, but also by some homeowners taking on new mortgages or adding to existing ones (e.g., to finance renovations).
  • Among the provinces, Ontario has the second highest proportion of owner households with a mortgage, trailing Alberta.

Condominium Ownership Increasing

  • The census enumerated 363,025 Ontario households that owned a condominium in 2006, up 32.7% from 273,590 in 2001.
  • The increase in condominium ownership between 2001 and 2006 accounted for nearly a quarter of the increase in Ontario households that own their dwelling.
  • 11.3% of Ontario owner households were condominium owners, the third highest, next to Alberta and BC in 2006.
  • In 2006, 220,570 or 60.8% of condominium owners had a mortgage, and they accounted for 11.6% of all owner households with a mortgage.

More than Eight in 10 Couple Family Households with Children were Owner Households

  • In 2006, the homeownership rate for couple family households with children was the highest (84.6%) among Ontario’s households. This was followed by couple family households without children (81%).
  • More than half (55.6%) of lone-parent families owned their accommodation, while 44.4% rented their dwelling.
  • Just over half of people who lived alone owned their accommodation, while nearly an equal number (49.7%) rented.

More than One in Four Ontario Households Spent 30% or More of Income on Shelter

  • In 2006, an estimated 1.2 million Ontario households spent 30% or more of their income on shelter. This group represented 27.7% of all households, up from 25.3% in 2001.
  • Nearly half (46.6%) of the households that spent 30% or more of their income on shelter were renters. Households that owned their home with a mortgage accounted for 44.8%, while those without a mortgage accounted for the remainder.
  • In the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), more than half a million (598,120) households spent 30% or more of their income on shelter. This represented a third (33.4%) of all Toronto households in 2006.
  • Those who spend 30% or more of their household income on shelter may do so either by choice or by conditions related to housing affordability.

Condominium Ownership in Ontario's CMAs

  • Nearly all (95.4%) of Ontario’s condominiums were in the CMAs. Rates of condominium ownership were highest in Toronto (18.6%), Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario part (15.9%) and Hamilton (13.8%).
  • Almost two-thirds (62.4%) of Ontario’s condominiums were in the Toronto CMA, 9.8% were in Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario part and 7.2% in Hamilton.
  • In 2006, 64.4% of condominium owners in the Toronto CMA had a mortgage, and they accounted for 19.4% of all owner households with a mortgage.

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