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Direct Deposit

The Ontario Ministry of Finance offers a Direct Deposit service where refund and rebate payments are deposited directly into your account at the bank of your choice.

This free service is available to individuals and businesses.

If you are like most Ontarians, you are already using electronic banking for your professional or personal needs. You know that Direct Deposit is a convenient, safe and time-saving way to receive payments.

The service:

  • eliminates risk of lost or damaged payments
  • eliminates time and effort to deposit cheques
  • provides a way to receive your payments without any postal delay, and
  • makes deposits when you are on vacation, travelling, sick, or otherwise unavailable.

To receive refund and rebate payments for any of the below listed tax or programs, directly into your bank account, click on the appropriate link to complete and return the form.

Tax and programs related statutes

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