Retailers Prohibited under the Tobacco Tax Act

The Tobacco Tax Act allows for retail dealers to be temporarily prohibited from selling, offering for sale and storing tobacco products at their retail location if they have repeatedly contravened the Tobacco Tax Act and/or have been convicted of certain offences under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. For detailed information refer to Temporary Prohibition of Selling, Offering for Sale and Storing Tobacco Product.

Retail locations subject to temporary prohibition, with the retailer's identification, are placed on this list.

Tobacco wholesalers are prohibited from delivering, or causing to be delivered, tobacco to a location that is subject to a temporary prohibition.

If a wholesaler delivers tobacco products to a location subject to a temporary prohibition, the minister may suspend the wholesaler's permit and a penalty may be assessed equal to three times the tax that would be payable under the Tobacco Tax Act on the tobacco that was delivered.

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Retailer's Legal Name Trade Name Address Length of Prohibition (in days) Start Date of Prohibition (as of 12:01 am) End Date of Prohibition (as of 11:59 pm)


Accuracy of Content:

This information is provided in accordance with section 32.1(1) of the Tobacco Tax Act. Although we endeavour to ensure that the information is accurate, errors may occasionally occur. This information is current to the above report date. To confirm the contents of the listing, readers can contact the Ministry of Finance at 1 866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297).

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