News: Ontario Updates Pension Investment Rules
McGuinty Government Harmonizes Rules with Federal Government, Allows Greater Flexibility for Investment

April 12, 2012

The McGuinty government has amended Regulation 909 under the Ontario Pension Benefits Act (PBA), effective March 25, 2011, to update the investment rules applicable to Ontario-registered pension plans.  This follows through on the commitment made in the Ontario 2010 Budget to adopt changes to the federal investment rules, if appropriate, for Ontario pension plans. Ontario adopts by reference sections of the federal Pension Benefits Standards Regulations (PBSR) and Schedule III.

In 2010, an update to Schedule III of the PBSR repealed the “5 per cent / 15 per cent /
25 per cent rules”, which limited the amount that pension plans could invest in real estate and Canadian resource properties.  Removing these limits provides Ontario pension plans increased flexibility in selecting investments. By adopting the federal rules “as amended from time to time”, any future changes to the federal rules will be adopted automatically by Ontario. 


  • Ontario first harmonized with the federal rules in 2000. 
  • Additional changes to the federal rules, announced in 2009, will apply automatically to Ontario plans once in place federally.


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