Payments in Lieu of Federal and Provincial Corporate Tax (Hydro PILs)

In 2017, the government amended the Electricity Act, 1998 regarding the application of hydro PILs against a taxpayer’s Transfer Tax liability. Learn more.

Ontario Power Generation Inc., each of the corporations' subsidiaries, and municipal electricity utilities, that are exempt from corporate tax are liable to make payments in lieu of federal and provincial corporate tax to the Ontario Ministry of Finance. These payments are known as hydro PILs.

Hydro PILs are comprised of both federal and provincial components at federal and provincial corporate tax rates.

Hydro PILs tax clients make hydro PILs payments and submit tax returns to the Ministry of Finance.

Registering for hydro PILS

These corporations are exempt from corporate tax and need to register for hydro PILs with the Ministry of Finance:

  • Ontario Power Generation Inc. and its subsidiaries, and
  • municipal electricity utilities that generate, transmit, distribute or retail electricity.

Before registering an account with the ministry, corporations need to first register with ServiceOntario for an Ontario corporation number.

Register your business now

After registering your business, request a hydro PILs tax account with the Ministry of Finance.

Download and complete the registration form

If you have any questions, please call the ministry at 1‑866‑ONT‑TAXS (1‑866‑668‑8297).

Filing a hydro PILs tax return

For tax years ending on or after January 1, 2009, corporations need to file a T2 corporation income tax return. Returns can be filed by mail, in person, or electronically, using ONT‑TAXS online.

More about the T2 corporation income tax return

To file a hydro PILS tax return electronically, login to ONT‑TAXS online and upload:

  • the hydro PILs T2 return in a .COR data file format
  • a PDF copy of the corporation's T2 return, and
  • the corporation's financial statements and/or supporting documents in a PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS or PPT file format.

Read: Guide T4012, T2 Corporation - Income Tax Guide

About ONT‑TAXS online

Where to send your hydro PILs return

All returns and payments should be sent to:

Ministry of Finance
33 King Street West
PO Box 620
Oshawa ON L1H 8E9

Do not send your hydro PILs returns and payments to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Hydro PILs returns can be filed in person at certain ServiceOntario locations.

Hydro PILs payments

Hydro PILs instalment and/or balance of tax payments can be made:

Payments should be made payable to the Minister of Finance in Canadian funds. The corporation's business number should be printed on the back of the cheque or money order.

Hydro PILs credits

Proposed amendments to the Electricity Act, 1998 enhance the application of past payments in lieu of federal and provincial tax against a taxpayer's transfer tax liability.

Due dates, assessments and refunds

A completed tax return and any supporting documents need to be filed within six months after the end of each tax year.

Corporations that do not file a return on time may receive an assessment that has automatically estimated an amount of tax owing. Estimated amounts will be calculated based on the average of total tax assessed on/up to the past six (6) filed tax returns excluding nil and credit tax returns.

After the corporation's tax return is processed, the ministry will send an assessment by mail. Any refunds will be paid after the assessment is issued.

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